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2 Book Combo 20% OFF Special –

“Shifting Your Paradigm For Optimum Health And Longevity” 420-pages

& “Meditation For African Americans: Igniting The Inner Light” 201-pages

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 As African Americans, our experiences, beliefs, and values have been shaped and molded by our historical past. It was a past that included: enslavement, emancipation, discrimination, and the struggle for civil rights and other social issues. It was a past that kept us engaged in a continuous struggle. However, as it relates to the reality of our health, we find ourselves leading the national health index of heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, kidney and liver disorder, respiratory and autoimmune diseases.

 Why are we leading the national health index? Simply, it involves the food that we put into our body. The foods that we love are the same foods that contribute to our ill health. Therefore, we need to understand the dynamics of nutrition and begin to change our thinking and behavior as it pertains to the food we eat. We need education more than medication.

 If you want to be successful in attaining True health and vitality, you must detox your thoughts, emotions as well as your physical body.

 Unexpectedly, the emotional states of anger and love will affect your thoughts and physical body in different ways. For example, anger generates stress and constricts the blood and lymphatic flow within the body.

 However, on the other hand, love creates an entirely different biological manifestation. It increases the blood and lymph flow. It improves digestion and kidney elimination. Love will alkalize your body. Here, we understand that anger obstructs and restricts whereas love opens and expands. In other words, you can say that anger causes "dis-ease" and love "heals."

Take it one step further, spiritually, our emotion is an integral part of creation, for the whole is simply the sum of its parts. In our life experiences, we will see that each emotion - anger or love - have their own lessons to teach you. You will be the judge and determine if they have had a positive or negative impact on your life.

 We must be aware that thoughts and emotions tend to stick like glue to our cells and create subtle obstructions that you can carry for a lifetime. So, we must let these obstructions flow from us freely, and then we will observe our river of energy and love transforming us into a very special human being of vitality and spirituality.


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2 Book Combo

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