Hardcover/Shifting Your Paradigm For Optimum Health &Longevity
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Excerpt from "Shifting Your Paradigm for Optimum Health & Longevity," by Dr. U-Shaka Craig

 As people of African Descent, our experiences, beliefs, and values have been shaped and molded from our historical past. It was a past that included: enslavement, emancipation, discrimination, and the struggle for civil rights and other social issues. It was a past that kept us engaged in a continuous struggle. However, as it relates to the reality of our health, we find ourselves leading the national health index of heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, kidney and liver disorder, respiratory and autoimmune diseases. The foods that we love are the same foods that contribute to our ill health.

 For too long we have not connected the dots between what we eat and our physical and mental health. A new way of thinking and behaving (paradigm shift) is definitely in order. From birth, we are conditioned to eat certain foods through familial, cultural, and media influences. We are bombarded with television, radio, the internet, magazines, billboards, and commercials that convey that these foods not only taste good but are good for you.

 So, if you should stop eating what you are now eating, what should you eat?

Because of our present and future health, and well-being begins with credible transformative information, this book is written to help you explore the many dynamics that are involved in making an effective change in your eating habits and lifestyle.

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Hardcover/Shifting Your Paradigm For Optimum Health &Longevity

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