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If this book is your first introduction to the subject of meditation, I hope the content is persuasive enough to inspire you to take up the practice of meditation. If not for one of the reasons outlined, (health, personal and spiritual development or spiritual enlightenment, etc.) but for all of them. When I began to meditate, I was told that the practice of meditation was the only way I could validate the claims that were made about improving my mental and physical health, developing my spiritual eye (Third Eye), and connecting with my Higher Self/God. After years of practicing, I can acknowledge that no one can take your personal meditative experiences from you, they belong to you, and you are the one who validates them. Meditation is a way of connecting the dots between the grand theories about spirituality and the reality of one’s life. Consequently, this is often the issues in all “spiritual” minded-people, they do not make the connection or transition from the theoretical to the practical. However, if you take this practice to heart, the dynamics of a fresh new vision will open before you.

It is of critical importance that we must know who we are – our history – if you want to establish your spiritual connection to the Creator.
Your journey to Self-Enlightenment will begin as you move through each page of this book. Therefore, if you choose to embrace the practice of meditation, you will discover the jewels of being mentally, emotionally and spiritually balanced. These are the keys to a very stable life. Our Kemetic Ancestors taught that the initial stage of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful. As we realize that our mind is peaceful, we will be free from worries, and mental discomfort. Moreover, we will have an opportunity to experience true happiness, harmony, (Ma’at) and Spiritual Enlightenment/Cosmic Consciousness/Netjer.



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